Why It Is Important To End Daylight Saving Time

Daylight saving time also known as summer time is the practice of setting the clock one hour ahead of standard time during summer so as to make use of natural daylight. There are a number of reasons as to why daylight saving time should be put into an end.

Ending daylight saving time will help reduce the number of health issues associated with this change. Daylight saving time brings about a disruption in the stress levels, metabolisms and people’s sleep. In addition to all these, the affected people are also associated with increased number of injury while at work, vehicle accidents and increased rates of heart attack. Depression has also been associated with daylight saving time hence bringing about yet another explanation as to why it should end.

Air travel synchronization headaches which bring about delays are caused by daylight saving time. Revenues acquired from the airlines are also reduced due to the delays caused thus supporting the idea of ending daylight saving time. An increase in gasoline consumption has been brought about by daylight saving time hence further explaining why it should be ended. Gasoline consumption is increased because there is an increase in number of activities that need the use of vehicle due to the extra daylight. The increased amount of heat experienced during summer increases the need for air conditioning inside the house hence energy consumption increases. The above explanations are therefore more than enough reasons as to why daylight saving time should be put to an end.

Clearly, daylight saving time costs more than it is worth. Incorporating DST systems is also quite expensive and may make a nation to spend more than what it will gain hence every country should consider ending it. Clearly ending daylight saving time will help reduce the number of deaths caused by heart attacks or automobiles accident caused by the same. The number of automobiles accident caused by this change will also be greatly reduced.

In addition to that, the number of delays in airlines caused by this change will be avoided by ending it thus resulting to increased revenues. A large number of people are getting affected by the change and therefore ending it is necessary since it also helps improve their efficiency.

Citizens of any nation who are affected by daylight saving time should come out in large number for them to be heard and for better measure to be put into place. If at all daylight saving time is of negligible benefit to the country then the government should consider ending it.

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